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Contactor Accessories

Contactor accessories play a vital role in optimizing electrical systems, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced functionality. As crucial components in the realm of automation and control, these accessories contribute to the reliability, safety, and performance of electrical circuits.

Buy Contactor Accessories at the Best Price:

Explore a wide range of high-quality contactor accessories available at competitive prices. Elevate your electrical systems with L&T's premium selection, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Types of Contactors Accessories Available:

Dive into the variety of contactor accessories, including MCX, MNX, MO & MO C, MO & MO0, MX0 AC, and MX0 DC. Each type caters to specific applications, providing flexibility and compatibility for diverse electrical setups.

Featured Contactor Accessories:

Auxiliary Contact Blocks:

Extend the functionality of your contactors with auxiliary contact blocks, enhancing control and monitoring capabilities.

Mechanical Interlocks:

Ensure proper sequencing and prevent simultaneous operation with mechanical interlocks, adding a layer of safety to your electrical systems.

Spreader Kit:

Facilitate efficient heat dissipation and maintain optimal contactor performance with spreader kits, especially crucial in high-demand applications.

Surge Suppressors:

Safeguard your electrical circuits from voltage spikes with surge suppressors, preventing potential damage and ensuring long-term reliability.

Benefits of buying L&T Contactor Accessories:


L&T contactor accessories are designed for seamless compatibility, ensuring integration with a wide range of contactors for versatile applications.


Trust in the reliability of L&T accessories, crafted with precision and adherence to quality standards, ensuring consistent performance.

Safety Features:

Prioritize safety with features like mechanical interlocks and surge suppressors, mitigating risks and enhancing the overall safety of your electrical systems.


Experience optimal performance with L&T contactor accessories, designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your electrical circuits.

Installation, Warranty, and Support:

Benefit from easy installation processes, comprehensive warranties, and reliable technical support, ensuring a smooth experience from purchase to operation.

Global Presence:

Choose a brand with a global presence, reflecting L&T's commitment to quality and innovation on an international scale.

Availability of Spare Parts:

Ensure longevity and sustained performance with readily available spare parts for L&T contactor accessories, minimizing downtime in case of replacements.

Innovation & Pricing:

Stay ahead with innovative solutions that L&T consistently offers, coupled with competitive pricing that provides value for your investment.

Buying Guide:

How to Choose the Right L&T Contactor Accessory:

You can easily buy L&T Smartshop electrical appliances from their official website. Add products of your choice to the cart and then proceed to pay. Your product will be delivered within the working days. If a product is returned from your end, the refund will be processed within 7-10 working days. Visit the official site of L&T Smartshop to get extensive information about their appliances.


  • Contactor Compatibility: Ensure that the accessory is compatible with your specific contactor model.
  • Voltage and Current Ratings: Match the accessory's ratings with your electrical system requirements for optimal performance.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider the environmental conditions where the accessory will operate to ensure durability.
  • Installation Requirements: Follow the installation guidelines to guarantee proper functionality and safety.
  • Select the Right Contactor Accessories for your application needs:

    Tailor your choice based on the unique requirements of your application. With a wide array of options, find the perfect contactor accessory to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your electrical systems. Choose L&T for a seamless integration of quality, innovation, and performance.

    FAQs About L&T Contact Accessories

    1. What are contactor accessories?

    Contactor accessories are supplementary components that enhance the functionality of contactors, including items like auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, and mechanical interlocks.

    2. Why should I choose L&T Contactor Accessories?

    Choose L&T for contactor accessories due to their proven reliability, compatibility, and innovative features, ensuring optimal performance in diverse electrical applications.

    3. Are there universal accessories that fit any contactor?

    No, accessories may vary. It's crucial to choose accessories compatible with your specific contactor model and application requirements.

    4. How do I choose the right accessories for my contactor?

    Consider factors such as compatibility, voltage, and environmental conditions. Follow the guidelines in the buying guide for a well-informed decision.

    5. Where can I purchase contactor accessories?

    Purchase authentic contactor accessories from reputable sources, including L&T's official website, authorized distributors, or reliable online platforms.

    6. Can I get assistance with installation and maintenance?

    Yes, L&T provides comprehensive support. Refer to the user manual for installation guidance, and contact customer support for assistance with maintenance queries.

    7. How do mechanical interlocks enhance safety in contactor applications?

    Mechanical interlocks prevent simultaneous contactor operation, enhancing safety by ensuring proper sequencing and minimizing the risk of electrical system malfunctions.

    8. How do I select the right auxiliary contacts block for my application?

    Consider your specific application needs and contactor model. Choose auxiliary contact blocks with the right configuration to meet your control and monitoring requirements.

    9. Can I use L&T accessories with contactors from other brands?

    It's recommended to use accessories designed for the specific contactor brand to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in your electrical system.

    10. Are surge suppressors necessary for my electrical setup?

    Surge suppressors are crucial for protecting electrical circuits from voltage spikes. Depending on your setup, these accessories can prevent potential damage and ensure long-term reliability.

    11. Are there specific accessories for DC contactors?

    Yes, certain accessories, like surge suppressors, may be specifically designed for DC contactors to address their unique requirements and ensure effective protection.

    12.Can I retrofit contactor accessories to an existing system?

    Retrofitting is possible but requires careful consideration of compatibility and system requirements. Refer to the user manual and seek expert advice for a seamless integration process.