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L&T exora distribution boards

L&T Exora Distribution Boards (DB Boards) are a hallmark in electrical distribution solutions, catering to a wide range of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Renowned for their quality, safety features, and adaptability, Exora DB Boards ensure efficient power distribution and protection.

Types of Exora DB boards

The types of Exora DB boards are as follows:

1. SPN (Single Pole and Neutral):

Ideal for residential use, the SPN DB Board efficiently distributes power to single-phase circuits.

2. TPN (Triple Pole and Neutral):

Suited for three-phase circuits in residential and light commercial applications, the TPN DB Board offers comprehensive protection.


The Flexi DB Board provides flexibility in terms of configuration, allowing for customized setups to meet specific electrical distribution needs.

4. VTPN (Vertical Triple Pole and Neutral):

VTPN DB Boards are designed for vertical installation, optimizing space utilization in compact electrical setups.

5. Enclosure:

Enclosure DB Boards offer secure protection for electrical components, ensuring durability and safeguarding against environmental factors.

6. HPPI (High Performing Plug-in):

The HPPI DB Board features high-performing plug-in modules, allowing for efficient and modular electrical distribution.

7. TPPI (Triple Pole Plug-in):

TPPI DB Boards provide triple-pole configurations with plug-in modules, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

8. 7 Segment:

The 7 Segment DB Board incorporates a digital display for monitoring and controlling electrical parameters, enhancing user convenience.

9. 7 Segment MCCB I/C (7 Segment MCCB Incoming/Outgoing):

This type integrates 7 Segment technology with Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) for advanced electrical distribution control.

10. Plug and Socket:

Plug and Socket DB Boards offer a modular solution with easily replaceable components, simplifying maintenance.

11. VTPN MCCB I/C (Vertical Triple Pole and Neutral MCCB Incoming/Outgoing):

Integrating MCCBs with VTPN configuration, this DB Board ensures robust three-phase power distribution.

12. Phase Selector:

The Phase Selector DB Board allows users to manually select phases, providing control over power distribution.

13. Accessories:

Exora DB Boards come with a range of accessories to enhance functionality, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.


Configured for television and telephone circuits, these DB Boards cater to the specific requirements of entertainment and communication setups.

Range of Exora DB boards

It includes the following ranges:

Door Type:

Double Door IP43:

Offers protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for demanding environments.

Glazed Door IP43:

Features a glazed door for visibility and an IP43 rating, providing both protection and transparency.

Single Door IP30:

With an IP30 rating, this DB Board is suitable for applications in less demanding environments.

Advantages of Exora electrical DB boards

Versatility and adaptability:

Exora DB Boards offer a diverse range of types, configurations, and accessories, ensuring adaptability to various electrical setups.

Safety features:

Built with advanced safety features, Exora DB Boards prioritize the protection of electrical circuits and components.

Ease of installation and maintenance:

Modular designs, plug-in components, and user-friendly features simplify both installation and ongoing maintenance of Exora DB Boards.

Reliability and durability:

L&T Exora DB Boards are crafted with quality materials, ensuring longevity and robust performance in diverse applications.

Advanced technology integration:

Certain types, such as those with 7 Segment displays and MCCB integration, showcase L&T's commitment to incorporating advanced technologies for enhanced functionality and control.

FAQs about Exora DB boards

1. What is the purpose of a distribution board?

A distribution board, such as L&T's Exora distribution boards, is a crucial component in electrical systems. It serves to distribute power from the main supply to various circuits, ensuring organized and controlled power distribution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

2. How do I choose the right type of distribution board for my application?

Selecting the appropriate L&T distribution board involves considering factors like the type of application (residential or industrial), required voltage (single or 3 phase distribution board), and specific features needed, such as flexibility, modularity, and advanced technology integration.

3. What safety features do L&T distribution boards offer?

L&T distribution boards prioritize safety with features like robust enclosures, overload protection, short-circuit protection, and compliance with international safety standards. These safety measures ensure reliable protection for connected electrical circuits.

4. Can L&T distribution boards be customized to specific requirements?

Yes, L&T distribution boards, including Exora db boards, offer customization options to meet specific electrical distribution needs. This includes various types, configurations, and accessories, allowing for tailored solutions based on individual requirements.

5. Are L&T distribution boards compliant with international standards?

Absolutely, L&T distribution boards adhere to rigorous international standards, ensuring that they meet the safety, performance, and quality requirements set by global authorities. This compliance underscores the reliability of L&T's Electrical & Automation products.

6. What is the typical lifespan of L&T distribution boards?

L&T distribution boards are built with durability in mind, ensuring a long lifespan. While the exact duration can vary based on usage and environmental factors, the robust construction and quality materials contribute to the extended operational life of L&T distribution boards.