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L&T Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters

Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starter is a fundamental component in electrical systems, specifically designed for the smooth and reliable starting of motors. DOL Starter provides a straightforward method of connecting motors to power, allowing them to start at full voltage. DOL Starters are commonly employed in various industrial applications, offering a simple yet effective solution for initiating motor operation.

L&T leads in providing top-notch DOL Starters crafted for optimal motor initiation performance. L&T's DOL Starters showcase robust construction and advanced engineering to meet the demands of diverse motor applications. Adhering to innovation and upholding international standards, L&T DOL Starters offer a reliable solution for launching motors across various industries.

Buy (DOL) direct on-line starter at the best price

When it comes to motor control, a Direct On-Line (DOL) starter is an essential component. At L&T , you will be offered with a wide range of DOL starters to suit your needs, all at competitive prices. Whether you require a single-phase DOL starter or a three-phase DOL starter, they have you covered.

Types of DOL motor starter available

Their selection includes single-phase DOL starters and three-phase DOL starters. These DOL motor starters are designed to facilitate the direct starting of motors, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. The coil voltage available is 440 V AC, 400/440 V AC, etc., and the relay range (A) available is 9-15A, 30-50A, etc.

Single phase DOL starter vs. 3 phase DOL starter

A single-phase DOL starter is designed for single-phase motors, typically found in residential and small-scale applications. In contrast, a three-phase DOL starter is intended for three-phase motors commonly used in industrial settings. The primary difference lies in the number of phases they are compatible with and their respective applications.

Benefits of buying L&T DOL starters

Choosing L&T DOL starters ensures reliability and performance. With a reputation for quality and innovation, L&T products are trusted by professionals worldwide.

Buying guide for L&T direct on line starters

You can easily buy L&T Smartshop electrical appliances from their official website. Add products of your choice to the cart and then proceed to pay. Your product will be delivered within the working days. If a product is returned from your end, the refund will be processed within 7-10 working days, read Return Policy here. Visit the official site of L&T Smartshop to get extensive information about their appliances.

Choose the right DOL starters for your motor

Selecting the appropriate DOL starter is critical for motor efficiency and longevity. Their range of DOL starters caters to various power ranges and motor types.

FAQs About DOL

What are DOL starters and how does it work?

DOL starters, also known as Direct On-Line starters, are devices used to start motors by directly connecting them to the power source. They provide a straightforward and cost-effective motor starting solution.

Why is a DOL starter required?

A DOL starter is essential to provide a motor with full voltage during startup, ensuring it reaches its rated speed without the need for gradual acceleration, making it suitable for various applications.

Why do we use a contactor in a DOL starter?

A contactor in a DOL starter controls the electrical connection to the motor, allowing for manual or automatic operation, overload protection, and better safety.

What are the benefits of Direct On-line Starters?

DOL starters offer simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in motor starting, making them a popular choice for many applications.

What is the use for direct on line starters?

Direct On-Line starters are primarily used to start motors in various industrial and commercial applications where the load is not excessive.

Which power ranges of motors can start with DOL?

DOL starters are suitable for a wide range of motors, from fractional horsepower units to larger industrial motors, depending on the specific DOL starter's capacity.

Which type of motor doesn’t need Starters?

Motors with low starting torque, such as small fans or pumps, often do not require starters. However, it's essential to assess each motor's requirements.

What is the data required to select the contactor and overload relay?

To choose the appropriate contactor and overload relay, you'll need to know the motor's voltage, current rating, and the required overload protection setting.