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L&T single phasing preventer relay (SPPR)

The L&T Single Phasing Preventer Relay (SPPR) is a crucial component in electrical systems, particularly where single-phase motors are employed. Designed by L&T Electrical & Automation, the SPPR relay safeguards motors from damage caused by single phasing, a common issue in power supply disruptions. Our innovative device ensures continuous operation by detecting any irregularities in the power supply and automatically initiating corrective actions. With its advanced features like auto start capability, the L&T Single Phase Preventer offers reliable protection against voltage imbalances, enhancing the longevity of motors and minimizing downtime. Its competitive single phasing preventer price makes it a cost-effective solution for industrial applications.

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Discover the ultimate solution for safeguarding your electrical equipment with the L&T Single Phasing Preventer Relay (SPPR Relay). This indispensable device ensures uninterrupted power supply by detecting single-phase faults and preventing motor burnout. With its cutting-edge technology, the L&T SPPR Relay offers reliability and peace of mind. Whether you need a single phase preventer with auto start functionality or a dependable SPPR, L&T Electrical & Automation delivers top-notch quality. Don't compromise on safety—invest in the trusted L&T Single Phasing Preventer Relay today.

Types of the single phasing preventer

Types of single phasing preventers (SPPRs) are categorized based on their specifications and functionalities, providing options suitable for various electrical setups and requirements. Among these, two common types are SDz5 and Sz5.


This type of single phasing preventer offers SPPRs with varying voltages, including 415V, 380V, and 360V. It caters to a range of industrial and commercial applications where precise voltage requirements are essential for proper functioning.


Similarly, the Sz5 type of single phasing preventer also offers SPPRs with varying voltages, such as 380V, 360V, and 415V. It provides flexibility in voltage options, ensuring compatibility with different electrical systems and setups.

Uses of single phasing preventer relay (SPPR)

Some of the best uses of single phasing preventer relay are:

Protection against single-phase supply:

Reliable brand:

Enhanced features:

Cost-effective solution:

Mitigation of equipment damage:

Installation and replacement procedures

You can easily buy L&T Smartshop electrical appliances from our official website that comes with an installation guide to help you out. Add products of your choice to the cart and then proceed to pay. Your product will be delivered within the working days, and if there is any physical damage in the product, we will replace it for you with no extra charges. If a product is returned from your end, the refund will be processed within 7-10 working days. Visit the official site of L&T Smartshop to get extensive information about their appliances.

FAQs about SPPRs

1. What is a single phasing preventer?

A Single Phasing Preventer, also known as SPPR relay or Single Phase Preventer, is an electrical device designed to protect equipment from damage caused by single-phase supply failure. It detects the absence of one phase in the supply and prevents motor operation to avoid damage.

2. How does a single phasing preventer work?

Single Phasing Preventer works by continuously monitoring the voltage across all phases. If it detects the absence of one phase, it interrupts the power supply to the motor, preventing it from starting and thus protecting it from potential damage.

3. What are the typical applications of the L&T single phasing preventor relay?

The L&T Single Phasing Preventer relay finds extensive application in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and commercial buildings. It is commonly used to protect motors, pumps, compressors, and other electrical equipment from damage due to single-phase supply failure.

4. Can the SPPR relay be used in conjunction with other protective devices?

Yes, the SPPR relay can be used in conjunction with other protective devices such as overload relays, thermal protection devices, and circuit breakers. Integrating these protective devices enhances the overall safety and reliability of the electrical system, providing comprehensive protection against various potential hazards.