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Smart Switches And Sockets Showing 1-36 out of 654 products

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Modular switches and sockets for smart homes

Modular smart switches and sockets are designed to be interchangeable and easily assembled together in various combinations to suit your specific needs. Unlike traditional switches and sockets that come in a fixed unit, modular ones offer more flexibility and a more customized look.

Looking for electrical switches and sockets online? The Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) Smartshop offers premium switches that not only enhance your interiors but also ensure safety. Our entice, enGem, and englaze switches and sockets come in a variety of colours and fitment options.

Our product range of Electrical Switches and Sockets

Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) switches offer custom finishes for your modern smart home. Available in polycarbonate, glass, wood, and metallic finishes, these switches and sockets are built to last for years to come. You can buy Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) premium switches in both single pole and double pole configuration. Enhance the ease of operation with our 2-way modular switches that let you control lighting and appliances from multiple locations in the house.

The Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) modular switch and socket line up also supports a broad range of current ratings. From 2 Ampere to 32 Ampere, you can pick and choose the correct type and rating for your use cases such as lighting, fans, refrigerator and air conditioners.

Smart switches and sockets for smart devices

Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) modular switch and socket line-ups are designed keeping in mind the needs of modern smart homes. Enhance your electrical switches with dimmers for mood lighting control, wall USB sockets for charging smartphones and tablets, and RJ11 and RJ45 ports for quick connectivity.

All our switchgear is tested and rated safe for charging electrical devices and connecting home automation systems.

Benefits of opting Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) switches & sockets

Here's why you should opt for Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) wiring accessories for your home and business:

Enhanced interior looks:

Modern and posh switch design to give your home a unique and upmarket look. Pick and choose from a range of designs to match your home's interiors.

Modular fittings for ease of installation:

Quick and easy installation which takes away the hassle of spending days for the electrical setup to be completed. Modular switches and sockets also let you swap out switchgear with ease without altering your home decor.

Child safe socket design:

Designed with child lock features to prevent toddlers and children from accidentally touching a live connection.

Anti-bacterial components:

Carefully designed with special anti-bacterial materials to ensure safety from contamination. Moreover, anti-bacterial coating also restricts discolouration of the switchgear in long-term use.

Universal support and quality assurance:

A product is as good as the after sales support you get. With Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) wiring accessories you can rest assured of getting the best quality products and post-purchase support that is our hallmark.

Buy switches and sockets online at best price in India

The Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) Smartshop is your one stop shop for buying switches and sockets online. Browse through the entire range of our entice, enGem, and englaze series of wiring accessories and faceplates. Get the best prices by signing up.

All orders deliveries are timed for your convenience and we use high-quality packaging to ensure safe transit of your wares. Read our returns and replacement policy to know more.

FAQs related to Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) Smart Switches and Sockets:

What is the difference between a switch and a socket?

Think of a switch like a light switch on the wall. It controls the flow of electricity by turning it on or off. A socket, on the other hand, is the outlet where you plug in a device to receive electricity. It doesn't control the flow, just provides the connection point.

How do I choose the right type of switch or socket for my home?

Choosing modular switches and sockets depends on several factors, such as, your interior design, child safety requirements, type of smart home accessories you plan to use, and your personal preference for colour and materials. Check out our switches and sockets online, or visit a dealer near you for a live demo of Lauritz Knudsen (Formerly L&T Switchgear) switches and sockets.

Can I install switches and sockets myself, or do I need a professional?

Installing modular switches and sockets may require professional assistance if you have not done such installation before. However, post the initial installation, it's fairly easy to swap or replace modular switches and sockets yourself. We recommend contacting an electrician for perfect fitment and operation of your wiring accessories.

Are smart switches compatible with all types of lighting fixtures?

Most modern smart switches are designed to fit within the existing electrical setups of your home. So, in a way yes, smart switches are compatible with all type of lighting fixtures, however, there may be some exceptions to this as well. Check with a professional electrician in your area for the best assessment.

How do I troubleshoot common issues with switches and sockets?

Ideally, switches and sockets do not require troubleshooting as these products are tested for physical and operational durability by the manufacturer. But in case your switch or socket are not working, contact an electrician to fix the issue, because it requires careful inspection of the outlet's wiring and the switch or socket in question.